So the big completed tasks last week were the story (for Rezzed anyway), voice acting, wormhole art, flights booked for Rezzed and accommodation sorted. Inserting the narration should be pretty straightforward, my biggest task will just be getting the wormholes integrated properly. This might take a couple hours or a couple days!

Planned Tasks This Week

  • Wormhole transitions ~1 day
  • PR leading up to Rezzed ~2 days
  • Integrating new voice over narration ~  1 day
  • Submit game to some upcoming game events/competitions
  • More tweaks to second planet ~ 1 day


  • Engage crunch mode for 30th March event submissions :/
  • Wormhole transitions completed ~3 hrs
  • Wormhole narration based on current progression, complete ~30 mins
  • New demo end point complete ~30 mins
  • Testing latest build ~30 mins
    • shared with musician, Rhys Lindsay for second planet music score
  • Planet 2 ~ 2hrs
    • Unique intro
    • Optimizing biomes
    • New music added
  • New narration in ~2 hrs
  • Build testing ~1hr

Pretty great day!



  • Final push before submission to Amaze and Momocon
  • Changed music from endless looping to play, then silence, then play once more 2 minutes later. Also removed music from tutorial.
  • Tweaks to planet 2 as it was somewhat repetitive and flat
  • Shortened both levels for Rezzed and event submissions. Unsure how long to have each planet go for! I think ‘good’ players will knock off a level in 5 minutes, while maybe new players will take 2x that.
  • Testing ~2 hrs
  • Various other tweaks… all day :P
  • Submitted to both events


  • Boring tax hell ~3 hrs
  • PR stuff ~4 hrs

In gross hot weather. Worst day ever!


  • More PR stuff!
  • Some poster planning for Rezzed
  • Redoing higher rez logo
  • Updated presskit


  • PR… …. stuff! (not my favorite week ever) ~2 hrs
  • New, short trailer for Rezzed ~3 hrs (just gotta think about when to time release on this)
  • Returning to work on the Rezzed build ~2 hrs

Kinda boring week in general with so much time spent just emailing people, organising Rezzed, tax, etc. And the Amaze/Monocon applications kinda killed me as I stayed up really late finishing them. Would have been nice to have a new screenshot or gif to share at least! Hopefully next week I’ll have that poster or trailer or new music to share.


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