I’ve had a little time to decompress, and since then I’ve been doing the following things:

  • Managing all the rewards/surveys/spreadsheets post-Kickstarter.
  • Some add-on rewards (the self-print poster) will be sent out shortly. Just trying to minimize the time I spend sending out rewards as new survey results trickle in.
  • Trying to track down a small number of show-stopper bugs for some players, but not having much luck. This is thankfully only a tiny number of players as far as I know.
  • Upgrading Unity to 5.6 for its various speed improvements and new plugin versions, which are also offering speed improvements on top.
  • Experimenting a little with Voxeland, a Voxel terrain plugin for Unity (integration 1000% unconfirmed!) by the creator of Map Magic
  • Posting a bunch of new bug reports for all the issues I’m running into while upgrading to 5.6
  • Boring stuff like accounting/tax planning for the Kickstarter money


Moving forward, I’ll be working with Rhys and Tim to plan out the next planets and the music to go with them.

I’ll be completing the Tidal Locked world and optimizing it. Since I created it during the Kickstarter, it was a bit more thrown together than usual, and I’ll likely need to combine all three biomes into one for performance reasons, as all three biomes generate at once due to their close proximity to one another.

I’ll also be integrating fixes from plugin developers as they come in for Unity 5.6.

Plus, I’ll be setting up a pre-order page for Exo One via Humble Bundle too, probably so that pre-order customers get instant access to the backer preview build.

Since survey responses have now slowed to only a couple of responses a day, you can probably expect to receive your Rezzed poster add-on (if you pledged for it) today or tomorrow. Please fill out your survey if you haven’t already!


I’ll be sending out the first backer-poll very shortly, stay tuned!

Off Topic, Other Games

After an almost games-free Kickstarter month, I’ve finally had downtime to get back to playing a few games. Lately, I’m back on Rocket League, and having a few games of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

I also tried Klei’s Oxygen Not Included, which I liked, but perhaps feels just a little too much like work for me to want to spend that much time with it. When I’m working on solving coding puzzles and business problems all day, somehow base-building/management stuff doesn’t appeal as much as driving around whacking a ball in Rocket League!

Oh, I also tried the new dirt tracks on iRacing, really great physics! I had one race and finished 3rd in my (super low skill!) tier :)

Finally, check out this amazing looking game I spotted via all the E3 press:

I could watch this 1000 times! If all I do is press a button to advance the pretty graphics, I’m sold!

Catch you for the next update, hopefully with a screenshot or two from Unity 5.6!

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