Very excited to be taking EXO ONE to Kickstarter to complete the game, and at a higher standard than would be possible on my own.

I’d really appreciate if you’re a fan of the game, to help me spread the word, whether that’s simply hitting Like on social media, Re-Tweeting, or just telling friends. You can follow Exbleative’s¬†Kickstarter profile page here, and when the campaign goes live, you’ll be notified immediately.

Here are some other ways you can track the project and keep up to date:

At the same time, I’ll be revealing a shiny new trailer that will be featuring in the Kickstarter. Here’s a taste!


I’ve been really working hard to get this all out since I returned from Rezzed a couple of weeks ago (hi again if I met you there!), and look forward to sharing the Kickstarter URL and trailer with you all very shortly.

Thanks for following along!

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