Kickstarter Successfully Funded!

Thanks to all 1076 backers, we have ended our Kickstarter campaign for Exo One with a total of $40,103 after targeting $35,000! Couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support, sharing, advice and encouragement! I’m so grateful!

What’s Next?

If you missed out on pledging before the deadline, I’ll be investigating post-campaign options for supporting Exo One, once things have calmed down.

Then, development will enter full-steam-ahead-mode! I hope to bring you a truly unique game that takes you to the farthest reaches of outer space for a mesmerizing, sci-fi, planet-hopping journey!

Stay tuned and follow the Exbleative blog, as I continue to write about Exo One’s development. You can also sign up to the Exo One newsletter here.

Exo One at AVCON

I’ll be at AVCON (a comics and games event) here in Adelaide, South Australia to show off the latest version of Exo One in July, so please come and say hi!

Once again thanks to all who helped me succeed with the Exo One Kickstarter!

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