Since I’ve got a build done for Indiecade, pressure is off a bit for Rezzed, as even if the game dies often, I’ll be there to restart it etc. My biggest fear is I’ll be overseas without my PC and unable to fix any issues that occur. I’m most concerned that there could be some kind of graphics card incompatibility or some other thing that causes the game to run badly or fail, but I’ve tested the game on a number of friends computers with no issues so far.

I took Monday and half of Tuesday off to recover from working most of the weekend into an all-nighter. Now:

Final Rezzed Tasks


  • Ensure my build shortcuts work so we can just load planets from wherever we are. ~30 mins
  • Fine tune camera some more ~30 mins
  • Script energy spheres so they’re closer to the ground for new players to pick up more easily. Couldn’t get a handle on what my dumb code was doing, gonna bail on this for now at least ~30mins
  • Try to get level restarting working again ~3 hrs :(
    • I wasn’t looking close enough at my debug logs ordering or my  if else logic!
  • Improve timing on navigation icon hint animation ~15 mins


  • More camera fine tuning ~30 mins
  • Improve planet 2 ~4 hours
  • Hanging out probably a bit too much on William Chyr’s excellent Manifold Garden stream :P Highly recommended occasionally though, especially if you’re a solo dev. ~2 hrs


  • New creature stuff for 2nd planet ~ 3 hrs
  • Integration with MapMagic ~30 mins
  • Directional vector UI stuff ~2 hrs
  • Bug fixing above! ~30 mins


  • Further creature improvements ~1hr
  • Profiling above. Oops it runs like hell :/  ~30 mins
  • Improving planet 2 biomes, variation. ~2 hrs
  • Testing ~30 mins
  • Rezzed prep work ~1 hr
  • Build testing/uploading ~30 mins


Not really going to add anything of substance from here on, it’s Friday, I’m leaving Monday for 1 1/2 weeks, so I’m going to make sure it works properly then pack tomorrow and chill out before the hell that is international flying on Monday.

  • Air particlezzz! I’m embarrassed to say ~3 hrs (it’s hard to get these just right!)
  • Tweaking both planets ~3hrs
  • Tweaking lighting ~1 hr
  • Rezzed prep ~30 mins


Final testing has picked up a bug with the wormhole sequence where the screen goes black (but game continues afterward). So this will be my last task before flying off. If anyone going to Rezzed is reading this, I’ll cya there, hopefully without a buggy game on my hands!

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