Some news – I’m flying to Rezzed in London, boom! With some help from a very gracious family member, I’ll be heading over for the event and will be making the most of it while I’m there, and hope to meet some new friends, players, developers and press. I lived in London for a year (a few years back) and kinda only made a couple of contacts, but it’s amazing how much help just a couple of people can be. Especially when they have some experience under their belt.

Well, after a slow one last week, my weekly task list isn’t dissimilar to last!

Planned Tasks

  • Schedule out Rezzed, buy flights, book accommodation, contact people I’ll be meeting over there. 1 day.
  • Finishing touches to story. Might actually add a day to this to get some final feedback. 1 day.
    • Send story off to voice actor.
  • Wormhole transitions. This will take as long as I kinda want it to… So far there’s just a super simple wormhole effect, and for time’s sake I might keep it this way for now and just make sure it works 100%. Currently it is quite janky. 1 day.
  • Contacting some games press pre-Rezzed.
  • If all goes well, finishing Planet 2 (art/level design) 2 days.


Wot I did:


  • Press and PR company emails ~1hr
  • Story fine tuning + contacting voice actor ~ 2.5 hrs
  • Changing the tutorial level slightly due to story reasons! ~2 hrs
  • Booking flights, AirBNB, etc. 1 hr


  • Hugely blown out task rearranging the story slightly in the tutorial level (all day + night…!)


  • Submitted @RhysLindsay’s music for EXO ONE to IndieCade’s soundwall ~1hr

  • More tweaks to narration/story in tutorial level ~ 2hrs
  • Wormhole FX ~1hr
    • Wormhole video to Twitter ~15 mins
    • Sound effects ~30 mins
    • Integrating with existing level loading system ~

  • Meeting ~1hr


  • Rezzed PR prep work ~3hrs
  • Rezzed planning ~1hr
  • Biz card design/ordering ~1hr
  • T-Shirt time wasting I mean design (I did some stuff I didn’t like then just went with the EXO ONE logo…) ~1.5hrs
  • More wormhole sounds ~30mins
  • Integrating wormholes into level transitions ~1hr

Rezzed related planning took up a bit of my head space this week but made some decent progress. My nerves leading up to Rezzed will be calmed just as soon as you can play the game through to the second planet, wormholes, narration and all. Hoping this week will be the week, then I can just tweak things!

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