Super stoked to announce that last week I was notified that EXO ONE has been selected to be shown at EGX Rezzed, a London games event, as part of their Leftfield indie games collection. EXO ONE was chosen from a record number of submissions and will be featured alongsideĀ 17 other games. Check them all out here.

The event will take place on March 30-April 1 and if you happen to be in London, you’ll be able to go play it, complete with the 2nd, and maybe 3rd planets.

This will be the second event EXO ONE has shown at, after debuting at AVCON last year.

I actually attended Rezzed 5 years ago when I lived in London, and met some really cool people, including Chris England from the indie hit Xenonauts. I’d love to attend again with EXO ONE, but the cost may be a bit prohibitive. Spending money on international flights is a slight luxury right now! I’ll be looking into who might be able to take my place so to speak, but if all else fails, it sounds like the Leftfield guys have everyone covered with a bunch of their own people that will be there to troubleshoot/take photos/generally help out.

Crossing my fingers (and beginning some actual planning) for some good coverage of the game. Will see what comes of it! Can’t wait!

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