Just a quick one, breaking down what has been happening. After losing a couple weeks and a computer HDD, I’m now back in action, new computer fully operational with all software reinstalled. If you’re a computer nerd, you might be interested to know I got:

Ryzen PC

Ryzen 1700x
16gb FlareX Ram
Two M.2 SSDs
…and kept my old GTX 780

I was hoping the speed difference would be quite noticeable in Unity but… meh, not heaps. My old i7-4820k was already quite good, so I guess I’m not heaps surprised. I did just render a short video, though, and it really ploughed through that in record speed. Also, Map Magic generates terrain segments a bit faster, but again in general, I was hoping Unity would become super snappy and responsive, but it hasn’t. Compile times seem much the same, as do scene saving times, etc.

I also bought a Cyberpower UPS battery backup, as I was paranoid my old machine might have lost some HDDs from dodgy electrics in my office/s over the years.

Intro Sequence Progress

Unfortunately, after all this new computer mumbo jumbo (and a big delay in receiving the UPS), then some work on Exo One for AVCON, I’ve really only done a few days solid work. Here’s a peek at an improved intro sequence that I’ve been meaning to do forever:


Exo One Next to Hollow Knight and Forts

Exo One next to Hollow Knight and Forts

I opted not to actually attend AVCON the other week, because I was concerned I’d get sick again, so huge thanks to my partner and some very helpful local dev friends of mine!


Was nice to get this write-up of Exo One by Chris at Hyper.

Of course, I got the con-flu anyway, but I can work through it for the most part. Bad things happen in threes or something? Therefore it’s all smooth sailing this month!

Tasks Completed

Bit of a small task list (lots of small things) for the month:

  • Hunting for writers complete (pretty much ready to go)
  • Story prep work for writer
  • New Ryzen PC received, reinstalled all the things…
  • Intro Sequence
    • Added transport monolith animation
    • Crater impact + FX
    • White flash + sound
    • Steaming craft
  • Improved low speed craft handling (doesn’t float about as awkwardly now)
  • AVCON prep (got Restart working properly)
  • Improved high altitude sky, so that we can’t see the world end so easily
  • Improved craft appearance (reflection probe)
  • Custom rain (needed custom solution outside of trueSky, due to high speed movement of the craft)
  • Switched temporal AA method to standard Unity for slightly nicer looking AA
  • Some terrain improvements, possible due to streaming/not having to worry about generation time.

Catch you for the next update! Should start seeing some more progress very soon.



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