Had a pretty good, distraction-free and sickness-free month! Work was done! Huzzah!

What’s been happening, then? Here’s a quick rundown (spoiler alerts!):

  • Finished “skybox particles” for Island World
  • 2x Dunes biomes + rocky biome completed + biome blending. Super happy with the general scale, realism and variation in this planet. Tweets of WIPs below!
  • Not as happy with the water skipping gameplay as I once was. Now that there’s “charge/power” levels and pulling up controls, it’s a little less satisfying and simple. Going to leave this and see if a solution pops into my brain at some point!
  • Biome texturing mostly complete
  • Island World around 90% complete. Still needs some objects/fine detail placement/intro work etc. This planet has taken far longer than usual/expected because of two different plugins I don’t normally use/didn’t play well together. Now that I’m more comfortable with both, future planets using these should be much faster.
  • Fixed old nagging terrain specular issues.
  • Debugging performance issues in island world.
  • Had some difficulties marrying fog/water/terrain for Island World and combining certain plugins to create the effects on this planet.
    • The huge range of Unity plugins is great, getting them to work together sometimes is another thing!
    • Two water plugin options that were solid as of 6 months ago are now both deprecated or unsupported and not working properly in Unity 5.6. I’ve fudged my way around one of them for now.
  • Spent quite some time ‘debugging’ above plugin issues, texture issues/profiling/bug reporting.
  • Fireflies can now be picked up (they follow you) on the Ice World, which give more sporadic charge the more you have following you.
  • Wind now pushes you in the direction clouds move
  • A fair bit of time spent learning Fog Volume 3

Pretty Pictures of Things




Here’s a WIP that includes Rhy’s latest music track for the Island World:


And here’s a new one of the terrain biomes blending together:


Cya next time!

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