Last week I created a fully playable build that I submitted to Amaze and Momocon that I could take with me to Rezzed. So on the one hand, I could decide to use that and focus more on long-term tasks, but at the same time there’s not much downside if I work on some stuff and either don’t complete them or the build breaks at the last minute or whatever.

Rezzed build tasks this week

The current weak points I’m thinking of trying to bring up are:

  • Loading between scenes/wormholes is a bit janky still.
    • Harsh cut-off in audio between scene loads
    • No fading in/out (need to develop a system that can be used in many situations)
    • Kinda two different wormhole effects, need to adjust the old to match the new
  • 3rd person camera not handling non-terrain objects at all. Don’t like my chances of fixing this but will have a go for a day at least.
  • Still unsure if I should change up the tutorial level.
  • Occasional performance issues

In terms of just adding more stuff, I find it a little hard to prioritize. Maybe:

  • Story related stuff (won’t elaborate cos spoilers)
  • Third planet

Wot I Gone Got Done On Mon

  • Added story stuff and system for unique cutscenes on each planet ~2 hrs
  • Removed ability to endlessly jump in clouds ~15mins
  • Rezzed trailer changes based on feedback ~1 hr
  • Fixed lightning sounds in clouds ~15 mins


Zero done – had car problems, needed to take to the service shop for the day.


  • Trailer Mk2 ~2hrs
  • Story sequence stuff ~2 hrs
  • Emailing journalists and YouTubers for Rezzed ~4 hrs

Here’s the teaser for Rezzed. This went over pretty well and is looking to soon have over 100 likes and 20 RTs:


  • Fixed crappy tutorial camera. Made it follow faster (easier to keep track of where we are) and fixed the collision with walls. You used to be able to see through walls…! 1hr
  • Better wormhole transitions (required a bit of reworking of a bunch of stuff) ~2hrs
  • Improved tutorial sequence so it’s more focused. All text/directions are just top center without the fluff/distraction text on the left. ~30 mins
  • Had a great meeting with Adelaide’s Emilia Chignola (IGDA/Two Lives Left) and Carmine Fantarella (Icebox/Games of Edan) about my game, plans, Rezzed plans, PR/marketing stuff, etc. Two of the most helpful and nicest peeps I’ve met! ~2.5hrs


Noticed the earliest IndieCade deadline is rolling around in a week… Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I submitted last! I’ll definitely put something together, but not sure which deadline.

  • Completing wormhole transitions. This was a far bigger task than anticipated, needed to rework how all the level loading worked…! About 95% the way to finished, though. Took all day!


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